Credit Cards

Get out of credit card debt faster. Compare paying off your credit card debt by paying the lowest balance first to the highest interest first. You can also calculate the payment required to be debt free within the time period of your choosing.

College Loans

Can you pay off your college loans faster? Explore scenarios and discover what you can do to minimize interest and pay off your college loans most efficiently.

Emergency Funds

Be ready for the unexpected by ensuring you have an emergency fund to cover an unexpected expense or time out of work. You only spend it for a real emergency!

Experience Goal

Saving for an experience like a wedding, travel, time off of work or something else? Create your special goal and determine if you can save enough to get it when you want it.

Purchase Goal 

Saving for a home, car or some larger purchase? Get ready by having a plan in place to help you determine how much to save and how long it may take to pursue your goal.

Freedom Money

Have a 10 year goal for what you would like to have saved for retirement? Estimate your progress toward that goal and what you may have to do to try and get there.

Fast Path to Freedom

Get out of debt and invest more in your future. Understand where you stand and how to pursue your goals. You have limited money to fund your goals, whether that be getting out of debt, a near-term goal or investing more in your future. Use it wisely.

Life Insurance

How much life insurance do you really need? Determine the amount of life insurance you need based on your desired life style, financial goals, transitional expenses and college costs for dependent children.

End Your War With Money.

Financial language jargon creates dissonance accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness, which leads to financial paralysis. Finally, the language of money is singing a new song. Jaimie Blackman, Co-Founder & President, BH Wealth.

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