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Plan Design: When it comes to retirement plans for your employees, one size doesn’t fit all. Plan design features affect every aspect of a retirement plan—from fiduciary support for plan sponsors to communication and education for their employees.

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Service: An essential piece to providing the appropriate retirement planning solution for employees is service. That’s where it all begins. Listening, making recommendations, providing training, and responding to questions and concerns quickly and effectively are what help foster a productive, long-term relationship.

Investments & Fiduciary Responsibility: In today’s increasingly complex and stringent regulatory environment, it may be difficult for business owners to try and go it alone when it comes to choosing and monitoring investments for their retirement plan. They rely on professional guidance with their investment and fiduciary responsibility,

Value & Pricing: The price of a product is often the primary component on which buying decisions are made. Regardless of quality, service and other factors, if pricing is not competitive, a plan sponsor may not be able to afford their best option. Our retirement plan strategies are designed to address your needs and priced competitively as your plan grows.

End Your War With Money.

Financial language jargon creates dissonance accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness, which leads to financial paralysis. Finally, the language of money is singing a new song. Jaimie Blackman, Co-Founder & President, BH Wealth.

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