The Maestros

The success of great music composers like Lennon & McCartney, Rogers and Hammerstein and Ellington and Strayhorn, were based on a collaborative spirit. Similarly, our founders, Blackman & Hershenson have a collaborative spirit, rooted in love which allowed them to achieve a professional vision greater than the sum of their parts, which all translates into extraordinary client value

Jaimie M. Blackman, M.S.Ed., CWS®

President Co-Founder/Financial Advisor

(212) 829-0001

As I look back on my life, I’m most proud of my family, which all started when my one and only true love—Iris Hershenson—agreed to marry me in 1977.After building a successful music school together, and running it for...

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Iris Hershenson, MBA (1952-2022)

Senior Vice President, Co-Founder

(212) 829-0001

I first saw Jaimie performing on stage with his high school band as the intro act for a rock band called Mountain. At the time, I didn’t know that when we would meet again in freshman English at Hunter College, Jaimie would be my...
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