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Answer a few simple questions and Jaimie can help you identify your risk tolerance as the first step to understanding your financial objectives. Click the "Free Portfolio Risk Analysis" button to get started.

Why hire a Wealth Manager?

Why hire a Wealth Manager?  To help our clients create financial harmony. Financial harmony happens when financial decisions are aligned with one’s core values. Financial harmony covers all relevant areas of an individual’s financial health, including not only retirement planning, investments, and insurance but also credit/debt, and budgeting/cash flow as well. A “one-size-fits-all” approach generally doesn’t work.

At the core of our wealth management philosophy is the belief that complexity causes inertia.  Our research has demonstrated that simplifying the language of money by capsulizing the essential elements of wealth into seven easy-to-understand words, and connecting those words to one’s core values, is key for clients feeling in control. Confidence results in sound financial decisions, which is fundamental to our MoneyCapsules® process.

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