Succession Planning

Why Is Making Succession Planning Decisions So Difficult?

Succession planning involves retirement, legal, tax, business, family, value creation, and personal financial issues.
We’ll help you learn a simple process so you can make sound financial decisions when interacting with your inter-disciplinary team of professionals in three easy steps:

Succession Planning is Not the End

If you dislike talking about estate planning, you will exponentially dislike talking about succession planning.

I have a workaround. Rather than looking at succession planning as the end game where you are looking at life

passing you by and loss of one's purpose, take a fresh look...

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Orchestrate Your Exit and Succession

Orchestrate Your Exit and Succession

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your values, financial & people resources.


your options and consequences


and implement your succession plan.

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Financial language jargon creates dissonance accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness, which leads to financial paralysis. Finally, the language of money is singing a new song. Jaimie Blackman, Co-Founder & President, BH Wealth.

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