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Orchestrate Your Exit & Succession

  • Most Business Owners make more out of selling their business than they do through annual company profits. 
  • The majority of business owners do not think strategically about their exit from the business...they just sell when they have to or wait until it is too late and the business fails
  • Research suggests that there is a high probability that developing an exit plan 12-36 months prior to selling the business will dramatically increase the value of the business and the ultimate net proceeds that the business owner(s)will receive.
  • The Exit Plan should consider market, personal and business cycles matched against personal goals and expectations. 

Specifically an Exit Plan Will Review:

  • The best time to sell/ transfer the business, taking into account
      • Personal timing
      • Business timing
      • Overall marketing timing issues
    • To whom and for how much. This should take into account the net proceeds that will be received by the owner(s)
    • Details on what will need to do be done to ensure that this transition will occur successfully.
    • Details on life after exit and personal goals and lifestyle and expectations.

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The relative attractiveness of your business to a potential purchaser will impact your overall valuation. The higher you score in this questionnaire then the higher the likely value of your business. The report should also be seen as a checklist of areas to improve upon before you try and sell your business.

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Succession Planning is Not the End

If you dislike talking about estate planning, you will exponentially dislike talking about succession planning.

I have a workaround. Rather than looking at succession planning as the end game where you are looking at life

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Orchestrate Your Exit and Succession

Orchestrate Your Exit and Succession


your values, financial & people resources.


your options and consequences


and implement your succession plan.

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