Bringing Meaning To Money.

March 29, 2021

I have always had an awkward relationship with money. From my observation, I'm not alone.

In practical terms, we need a certain amount of wealth to live in this world. How much wealth, how we derive this wealth are questions that are universally pondered.

For the most part, the education system has not contributed much to this conversation.  The institutions we rely on lacks the process to exchange attitudes and information on the meaning of money. I suspect the lack of personal inquiry from educators on this subject has not made the effort easier.

The problem of communicating meaning in money is in the language itself. Disagreement in the meaning of signs, and symbols which refer to objects, concepts, and human desires, are at the root of the complexity.

The art of music has much to contribute to knowing and understanding
the perils of the money conversation and by extension, financial meaning.

Because listening to music uses no linguistic signs or symbols, it can directly capture human feelings. Nothing comes between you and your favorite song.

It's no surprise the importance music plays in our lives by the fact that there has never been a culture, in recorded history which lacked music. 

We know this from our own experience. When we listen to music, there is no judgment. There is no confusion. There is only pure feeling, which gives rise to the meaning we give it. No one needs to tell us how we should feel when listening to music. We react from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Using a place of inner peace and harmony, we can better communicate our financial voice and giving it meaning in the process. When financial decisions are made from a place of fear, it will always lack authenticity.

The next time you are grooving to your favorite Beatles song or dancing to a jazz ensemble, become aware of the music and notice how your soul is also being nourished by its blessings.

From this place of harmony, make your next important financial decision and get back in the flow.