Care Giving Changes Retirement

December 01, 2021
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Voya Cares research indicates that two specific groups of Americans
are dealing with unique challenges when planning for their own retirement and other financial goals.

  • Sandwich caregivers: Family caregivers providing care to an aging parent while also raising children of their own, often neglecting their personal financial journey. 11 million or 28% of all caregivers — currently are “Sandwich Caregivers.”
  • Career extenders: People working past what would be considered a typical retirement age, as they are either not financial ready to retire or voluntarily continuing a successful career. Nearly 20% of Americans over age 65 — a total of 10.6 million people — are either working or looking for work, representing a 57-year high.


    In the U.S. 47 million need care

    17 million can provide care

    It’s the lowest ratio ever reported

    • $93,075 per year for nursing home semi-private room
    • $105,850 per year for nursing home private room
    • $51,600 per year for one-bedroom apartment in assisted living facility
    • $53,768 per year for in-home hands-off homemaker services: cooking and running errands
    • $54,912 per year for in-home hands-on health aide assistance: personal care activities like bathing, dressing and eating
    • $19,240 per year  for adult day care