End Your War With Money. It's Time to Master Harmony.

March 08, 2021

We all have mastered Dissonance. It’s time to master Harmony.

 Let me begin by setting the stage.

Any business advisor regardless of repertoire, who shares knowledge with clients from a place of peace and harmony will project authenticity, which returns right back to you in-kind.

The good news is that peace and harmony are always available to you. It is as close to your breath.

 Let me tell you about my battle with dissonance.

 Imagine trying to read a book, play with your grandchildren, or trying to speak to an important business associate with a loud persistent dissonant sound firing away in your ear 24/7. Unfortunately, I know what that would feel like firsthand.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with tinnitus defined as the sensation of hearing a ringing or hissing sound. There is no medical cure, but there is a self-healing cure.

Research has demonstrated that a mindfulness meditation practice that focuses on present breath awareness had demonstrated success in quieting the noisy internal monster. The research was correct. 

After three years of present breath awareness which served as an entry point to my inner harmony and peace, the tinnitus monster was tamed. While still present, it is no longer bothersome. Like a fly on my outside window, I don’t give it much thought.

 The mighty breath.

The concept of a mindfulness meditation practice is really simple. As Panache Desia, author of You Are Enough   says- “resting in the awareness of your breath, turns your life into a living meditation.”  

Don’t believe me. Take 30-60 seconds and try this brief exercise for yourself.

Sit comfortably, and take a long cleansing breath. Become aware of your breathing.
Place your attention on inhaling and exhaling.

 Even if you tried it for only a few seconds, Most find that when you are aware of your breath, the thought gremlins diminish and a greater sense of harmony and peace is experienced.

 The arts have much to teach us about feelings.

Music is judgment-free.

The art of music is one of the great disciplines of human thought, no less important than mathematics or science. From your own experience, listening to music captures insights into the human condition, that only music can communicate. The breath naturally begins to change when we listen to a rock rhythm, a funky groove, or a catchy melody. The music circumnavigates our physical and inner being, and we are in harmony with our authentic self. We feel connected. We are no longer at war. We know music is not going to judge us. And as a result, we listen without fear. We listen with our heart and soul.

 The Practical Benefits 

Harmony and Peace are the most valuable assets for you and your clients. Just think about all the wealthy people you know that are in a state of war with their financial life, obsessed that people want to take their wealth. When you make peace with your financial life, every other part of your life begins to blossom. And your internal peace will be felt by your family, friends, and clients. And it all begins with becoming aware of the harmony and peace which already resides in you.

 The Qualities of Authentic Communication

  • Judgement Free
  • Not fear-based
  • Not control-based

Your breath is always available. There is no tax to breathe. Use your breath as an entry point to your harmony, and authenticity will flow.

When you are aligned with your inner harmony, your actions are authentic. Your behavior is authentic. Your words are authentic. There is an absence of fear when operating from your inner harmony. It is from this space your decisions are aligned with the heart. You are creating harmony and finding your true inner voice.

 Has fear, pain, and dissonance helped you with your financial life or your personal life?

A place of fear and pain keeps you from accessing solutions. You’re not open to answers which may be right in front of you.

You’ve already mastered dissonance. Give harmony and peace a try for yourself.

Your clients and loved ones will notice.