December 24, 2021

What does wealth mean to you?

When I was in college my prayer was to match my dad's income which was about $10,000 a year at the time. I believed that number would create enough wealth to support me and my future family for years to come. Well at the time I didn't understand how inflation would erode that number but that's not the point of this story. What I didn't realize was the goal of wealth is to create a feeling of freedom, and the kind of freedom I'm talking about has nothing to do with money or fame which is all external. It has everything to do with inner harmony and peace, one's greatest asset.

As a financial advisor, it's been my honor to work with the most amazing people, who have created substantial wealth. Many enjoy and understand the blessing of their wealth. That is, there relationship with money is one of harmony. They are at peace internally and with the world. For others, their relationship with money is fraught with dissonance, and are frequently stressed about their financial life. It could be worries about taxes, or the unhealthy co-dependency family and friends have on their fortune, or worried about people in their inner circle, robbing their money. Since the beginning of time, there has been a delicate dance between matters of the wallet and spirit. Understanding the spirit and value of money in your life can help us create inner harmony.

In 2000, I had a career change. I went from a career in music education to a career in financial services. I discovered that music education and financial services have more in common than meets the eyes. In fact the language of money I created called MoneyCapsules®, is actually based on the language of music. While most of you have not studied the language of money in school, many have learned the language of music. You may remember from school or the movie The Sound of Music, the music scale Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do. By knowing these words and re-organizing them you can play or sing an infinite variety of melodies. Wouldn't it be valuable to learn a set of simple words that correspond to the  "The Sound of Money?"

These seven words will give you an entry point to  bringing harmony to your financial life. They are:

Values- Cash-Return-Tax-Risk-Time- Giving.

You can begin by asking your self what matters most to you (your personal values) about Cash-Return-Tax-Risk-Time-Giving. When you have clarity with all aspects of of your financial life, and apply your personal values to your financial decisions, a beautiful theme emerges... calm.

All magic takes place when you are calm and when your financial decisions are aligned with your heart.

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Wearing my musician's hat, I also sing about freedom in this music video.

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