Making Sound Financial Decisions in the State of “Flow.”

March 31, 2021

We’ve all had the experience of feeling like we are in the “flow.”

During those moments, all that is unfolding seems like it was designed just for us. From our own unique experience being in the flow is an enjoyable feeling. There are benefits of being in the flow. Perhaps the loss of fear and the feeling of peace and harmony is its greatest gift. There is nothing in between us and the perception of experience. The stories the human mind loves to attach to the past and future are no longer blocking our present moment experience. In this present “flow”  moment, there is a realization that fear is not real. We relax into the moment and simply enjoy the human experience.

We often ask how did I get in the flow and why can’t I be in the flow more often?

Neuroscience has recognized that music can affect our mood and brain chemistry in a way that can help us experience peace and harmony, the qualities of being in the flow.

 Dr. Daniel Levit, author of The World in Six Songs, states that  Americans spend more money on music than they do on prescription drugs or sex and the average American hears more than five hours of music per day.

 In my e-book,  End Your War With Money, I wrote, to translate emotional financial needs into sound financial strategies, financial decisions need to happen in a place of peace and harmony.

Financial decisions that unfold from fear and scarcity invariably are not aligned with our authentic self. 

 Try this experiment for yourself. Before making your next important financial decision, spend a few moments listening to your favorite music while becoming aware of your breath, your entry point to the state of “flow.” Then listen to your financial voice.