Music, Money and Mindfulness

April 23, 2021

Readers of my blog will recognize the high value I place on a mindfulness meditation practice.

Present moment awareness of the breath has transformed my life and it can do the same for you.  

Educators like Panache Desai have been inspiring tens of thousands of people since the start of the Pandemic with his "Call to Calm daily meditation.  I participate in his medication regularly.

My buddy  Richard "Wolfie" Wolf, is an Emmy Award-winning composer, and multi-platinum-selling music producer is the author of In Tune, Music As The Bridge to Mindfulness, helping lovers of music build a lifelong meditation practice through sound and silence is another enlightening resource. 

Wolfie recently participated in Music, Money & Mindfulness at the LA Time's Book Festival.

This quote from Richard resonated with me.

In the music business particularly, we have always had to wrestle with the four horsemen of the musical apocalypse, which has threatened the music from day one which is: Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. Suicidal tendencies. What is heartening now with COVID, there is a raised awareness in the music community, that we have these raised pronounced mental health challenges, and we need to help people.

Because money touches every part of our life, it becomes a metaphor for our relationship with ourselves.

If you want to improve your relationship with money, begin by connecting to your heart. That's where the magic is.

Peace and Harmony.