You are a uniquely tuned instrument. Embrace your tonality.

April 06, 2021

As part of my music education degree, I was required to be aware of all of the musical instruments in the band and orchestra. I noticed very quickly that each instrument was truly unique. Not just in its physicality, but perhaps more importantly how the tonality was governed by the internal harmony the student musician brought to the instrument. For those that were in a school band, it’s easy to ask how twenty clarinets that looked the same could sound so different?

Now imagine that your financial life is an instrument.

If you bring inner harmony to your financial instrument, you’ll make music. If you’re at war with money, you’ll bring dissonance.

To help, let’s go back to the Do-Re-Mi of money.

While most of you have not studied the language of money in school, many have learned the language of music. You may remember from school or the movie The Sound of Music, the music scale Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. By knowing these words and re-organizing them you can play or sing an infinite variety of melodies.  Wouldn’t it be valuable to learn a set of simple words that correspond to the  “Sound of Money" so you could solve an infinite variety of financial problems?

 Consider the seven key issues of wealth as your music scale and which I call MoneyCapsules®: Values- Cash-Return-Tax-Risk-Time- Giving.

An awareness of this financial scale, will help you solve many important financial decisions, by first aligning your financial voice to the financial issue.

Let’s take the issue of Risk.

There are specific tools that are designed to assign a numeric risk number to an investment portfolio, which is then harmonized to the client’s tolerance for loss, and desire for gain.  For example, if the portfolio is 100% equities, the risk number might be 85. On the other hand, if the portfolio is all short-term bonds, the risk number might be 20.

The goal is to “tune” the portfolio to the tonality of the investor, so they are aligned.  If your financial voice is not in tune with your financial life, there will be dissonance. On the other hand if the portfolio and one's financial voice are aligned there’s a better chance that there will be financial  peace during market declines.

What’s important is that one becomes aware of the uniqueness of their own instrument, and listening to your financial voice for guidance.

Remember, you have everything it takes to play like a financial virtuoso. The key is to  harmonize your financial voice with your financial decisions.

Now go and perform your symphony.

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