Jaimie M. Blackman, M.S.Ed., CWS®

Jaimie M. Blackman, M.S.Ed., CWS®

President Co-Founder/Financial Advisor

Jaimie Blackman was born with music in his soul and entrepreneurship in his heart. Forever connecting to people through the arts has always been Jaimie’s primary motif. As a former music educator, he grew his music school with – Iris Hershenson, his wife for over four decades–to one of the largest music schools in NYC, connecting. Today as president of

BH Wealth Management, Jaimie applies his artistry to the financial profession by creating financial music videos called The Sound of Money®, powered by MoneyCapsuels® an artful way to talk about money.

As a financial columnist, his monthly column connects with thousands of business owners each month. As a frequent speaker for NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) he connects with tens of thousands of business owners helping them maximize value now and at the exit, by engaging and retaining their best employees. As a coach, he connects with financial and business advisors on how to better engage their clients through transformative discovery conversations.

Finally, as president of the Board of Directors of a non-profit –ARCNY.org – which provides support for children and young adults with special needs, he provides leadership by connecting the individuals with the community through a specially designed arts program.

Jaimie holds a Master of Science in Music Education, a Financial Planning Certificate, and is a Certified Wealth Strategist®. Visit bhwealth.com to audition his value-creation process.