The Sound of Money®


The Sound of Money ® uses music metaphors and live performance videos to teach financial wellness. Music has more in common with money than you may think.

To bring harmony to financial chaos, we can observe a few notes from our greatest composers. (first of Beethoven’s 5th using orchestral guitar and video- how did I do this?)

Sometimes a visionary composer creates music that literally rocks our world.
In my life time it was the Beatles Sgt. Peppers album and in the 1800’s it was Beethoven’s 5th symphony. (second motif).

Like the great composers, you want your voice, your authentic inner voice to be heard.

To accomplish this organizing your personal life around your financial life around your personal values, what matters most to you, we will help you create these sound financial decisions.

Often financial discussions use fear during my TED Talk- I’ll help the audience think through what these words mean by running a Values Map to make sound financial decisions. I think this talk is important because people are planning averse, retirement planning averse, estate planning averse anything. Any type of financial planning, they just don’t want to talk about it. If you’re not sure that’s accurate, I will ask you personally, when was the last time you asked for help to analyze your 401k. People just don’t like to talk about money and more importantly they don’t even like to act on it. People would rather talk about their sex life than their financial life.

So the experience I’ve had using the musical instrument, as a way to engage the audience has been very successful. Because we know the endorphins are heightened during music experiences. My goal is to create a relaxed mood, using these beautiful orchestral instruments. Teach them the seven words of the financial language (An artful way to talk about money.) Values. Giving. Time- Risk. Tax Return. Cash. (orchestral chords are played on each word)

So learning these seven words to the financial language is important (text- improving our relationship with money, requires a new ay to talk about matters of the wallet.) is important and can help, and I hope the TEDx community sees that. This video was put together, on the quick side, because I’m going to be a grandpa very soon, and I have to make time for that. So thanks very much for your time.


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